Dental Emergencies


Urgent Care

Even with the best regular dental care, our patients can’t always avoid emergencies. A tooth may begin to abscess or a crown comes loose or a tooth is lost or cracked while participating in activities. When these kinds of dental emergencies occur, there’s nothing that you want more than an immediate appointment. Emergencies always seem to happen at inconvenient times. When these instances occur, the staff at our Jupiter family pediatric dentist office will do our best to secure an appointment for your child as quickly as possible.

Emergency Dental Services

Because dental emergencies always seems to occur when you least expect them, we leave room in our daily schedule to allow for last-minute appointments so that one of our pediatric dentists can see your child as quickly as possible. By giving you immediate access to quality dental care in an emergency situation, your Jupiter pediatric dentist will not only ease your child’s pain, but will also treat their situation before it has the potential to get even worse, costing you more in time and money. We’re committed to easing your emergency dental problem and giving your child the best possible relief.

Dental Emergencies

Broken and cracked teeth are only a small portion of the situations that require urgent dental care. Unexplained tooth or jaw pain, teeth that have been knocked out by accidents, tongues that have been bitten severely and similar situations all constitute the need for immediate care by your Jupiter local pediatric dentist. If your children are experiencing any type of dental problem that appears to be worsening quickly, don’t hesitate to call us for an appointment.